Consorzio di Ricerca sulle tecnologie per lo sviluppo sostenibile

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About us

HYPATIA  is a research consortium and a non-profit organization, whose main objectives are the promotion, development and enhancement of scientific, technological and human resources of the territory.

Hypatia project born with the collaboration between Universities, Research Istituts, and industrial Companies to initiate and promote research projects aimed at environmental sustainability and the preservation of quality of life in the fields of renewable energy technologies and innovative materials.

The Hypatia networking makes the role of collector between the owners and producers of know-how and industrial organizations, the Consortium Hypatia pays particular attention to issues of technology transfer and the meeting between the research laboratories and production places .

The Consortium is also active in the business services, offering assistance and advice to those who want to take full advantage of the growth opportunities in the area of R&D, through participation in co-financing EU, national and regional.

The Hypatia Research Consortium was formally established in July 2008.

The strength of the Hypatia team are the Research Institutes that constitute the public part of the Consortium and that are related to Framework Agreements of cooperation for technology transfer and pre-competitive research.

The most relevant scientific institutions associated with the consortium are:

  • University of  Rome “Tor Vergata”
    Departments of physics, biology and materials science
  • Italian National Research Council - CNR
    Institute of Materials for Electronics and Magnetism  - IMEM
    Institute of Structure of Matter - ISM
  • Italian Institute for Nuclear Physics (INFN)
    National Laboratories of Frascati
  • University or Rome “La Sapienza”
    Department of Basic Sciences applied for engineering
    Department  of  Science and Technology Information and Communication

Hypatia plays an interdisciplinary and practice of research in materials science, developing prototypes in order to explore and demonstrate the functional properties, applications, and technological perspectives.  Hypatia research scientists have a long-standing tradition of international collaborations with leading research labs located in many countries.

The activities of R & D invest three distinct areas:

  1. Energy from renewable sources
    • Photovoltaic CIGS Thin Film
    • Technological improvements cell polycrystalline silicon
    • Optimization of energy consumption of furnaces cristallizzazine silicon
    • Biogas power plants, biomass management
  2. Materials - Processing and utilization of waste materials
    • Recovery of rubber and RSU
    • Production of Carbon Nanotubes
    • Recovery of PET and plastic with plasma torch
    • Production of carbon thread of the second generation
  3. Particle Accelerators and Nuclear Fusion
    • ITER  - International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor
    • Machines for Radiation Therapy (Linac, Proton Machines)
    • Free Electron Laser

The Consortium is also active in the areas of innovative materials science and biotechnology.

Where we are

Dove siamo Science and Technology Park University of Rome Tor Vergata